What We Do

Heroic PC & Laptop Repairs

Now if Mr Supa-Fix can’t get you back up and running with our FREE phone consultation, he’ll leap tall buildings in a single bound and fly directly to your home or office. Unforseen breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst possible time. That’s why we’re here......to get you Supa-sonically back up and running for one Supa-Low fee.

We won’t waste your time with a bunch of “I think so” or “maybes” and you won’t get any “Geek Speak”. You’ll know exactly how long it will take and how much it will cost to get your PC or laptop blazing along again. Mr Supa-Fix guarantees that if he can’t get you back in business or at least correctly diagnose what’s wrong, you won’t pay a single cent. And don’t forget.....No Job is Too Big or Small for a Mr Supa-Fix!!!

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal (My Speciality)

If you’ve been experiencing odd behaviour from your PC or notebook, like weird pop-ups, general poor performance or strange activity, you’ve probably picked up a nasty that’s causing the problems. If your system suddenly appears to have a mind of its own, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Switch off your system immediately and call Mr Supa-Fix. Malware and Spyware in the form of Trojans and Worms are now very sophisticated and create havoc with your data. In extreme cases they’re capable of emptying your credit card, raiding your bank account, hack your private logins and even steal your identity. Mr Supa-Fix takes the removal of these nasties very seriously. If you suspect your system has been hijacked or if you happen to get a dodgy phone call from a suspicious caller asking for credit card details, don’t give any information out, hang up and call us immediately and we’ll nail any potential threat and put applications in place to prevent you being a victim again.

Parental Controls for Internet Access

With the proliferation of social media sites, gaming sites and sites with inappropriate content, parents are under ever increasing pressure to protect and control their kids Internet access. Mr Supa-Fix has just the solution to ensure the kids are protected or blocked from distasteful content or time wasting sites. Now you can finally prevent the kids from accessing social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Internet Chat sites, when they’re supposed to be doing their homework and study.

Even if there’s multiple PCs in use at home, this solution will protect and control them all........and yes, even their mobile phones, iPads and iPod Touch devices can be part of this controlled access solution. It’s guaranteed to provide parents with absolute control over when and what can be accessed through an easy to use, web-based dashboard type control panel. The great thing is, it’s simple to use and surprisingly cheap to set up (small labour fee only).

Networking, ADSL & Wireless Modem and/or Router Setup

Not only can Mr Supa-Fix get your PCs and Laptops securely connected over cable or wireless, he can also get you cruising on the Internet at the speed of light. Wireless networking in the home and office is his speciality. If you’ve got a problem getting on the net or sharing that printer, Mr Supa-Fix can show you how it’s done in a jiffy. If you’re experiencing poor performance from your network or internet connection, Mr Supa-Fix specialises in turbo-charging your network connections and have your blazing along in no time.

System Installation and/or Training

If you require a hand installing a new system or re-locating an existing PC or network, then Mr Supa-Fix is the hero for you. Although Mr Supa-Fix is a pretty smart for your average Supa-hero, he won’t try and impress with buzz-words and geek-speak. Mr Supa-Fix will give you the right information, the 1st time and say it in plain English so you fully understand what your system does and how it can become a more productive tool.

On-Site Preventative Maintenance

Now here’s a tip from the “Mr Supa-Fix”! One of the biggest killers of PCs and especially Laptop’s and Notebook computers is HEAT. When a computer starts to overheat, the processor (or smarts) inside will start to act erratically and may slow down to try and maintain a cooler temperature. In many cases, the processor does have the smarts to shut down the computer all together to avoid permanent damage. Now can you guess what the main villain is here? Would you believe, most overheating problems and failed power supplies are caused by a build-up of dust? In fact the same dust you find on air conditioning filters and vacuum cleaners. Like air conditioners, our PCs and especially Laptop’s need to breathe to maintain correct operating temperatures. To do this requires regularly servicing, so give us a call now and become part of our Supa--Service program to maintain your system in top working order and avoid costly and preventable breakdowns.